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Personal Policies

  As the owner of The Journaling Station, here are the following policies that I will do business by:

1. Whenever customers buy the TJS Signature sticker flake set, 5% of your payment will be donated to the Children's Cancer Foundation.

2. No refunds will be accepted after 2 weeks since the order. 

3. If customers recieve damaged/spoilt items, please contact me and I will resend a new package of the items. To make sure, you will also need to send a picture of the spoilt items. 

4. If customers do not receive their package after 2 months, contact me and I will automatically give an assurance and so forth resend the package.

5. All my items that I sell are not fake products, but either handmade or branded. Some sticker flake sets are from other brands and and separated into smaller packs. 

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Store Policies: Store Policies
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