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Store Policies

1. If refund is demanded, shopper must send an unboxing video to The Journaling Station with the contents being them opening and finding spoilt items. If not given above (e.g. only pictures of spoilt items), refund will not be given.
2. When the video proof is given, shopper would be shipped the bought products without needed payment.
3. Shipping would be from Singapore, avalability of countries on Singapore's postal website.
4. No CC accepted, no begging of cheaper prices or discounts, no other forms of payment except PayNow.
5. No taxes needed.
6. All items in bubble wrap, safety for items guranteed. If any problems, send video and further actions will be taken.
7. Returns must be requested in 1 week after order reached destination.
8. Returns will be processed within 1 week.

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