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New Shop AND Life Updates!

Hi all! These weeks flew past like wind (???). This time, I have come back with some new shop updates! If you did not subscribe to my newsletter, please do so! You can contact me by contacting me through the chat box on the website, too. It's a new function! Really cool, right? And did you notice that the words will slide up to the screen at the Home page? I love this new style! It's one of the great things that happened this week.

Next, the LIFE updates. I have been thinking about buying new organisers for my desk and I finally gave in! New desk organisers! Squeee!!! Below are pictures of my new desk! I even bought a Mochirri Standing Sticky Note Set! Cute, huh??!!

It's perfect! I love the new set up.

Okay, that was the end of my LIFE updates. Now for my SHOP updates!

I have a few good news for everyone!

1) I have two new items! Check the shop and comment below the items! The first person who gets the answer correct will get a 20% discount code! I will send it to you personally.

2) The wrapping for my sticker sheets upgraded! Now, when you receive your sticker sheets, it will be given to you in a plastic covering for protection! BUT, I have one exception. For one of the sticker sheets, you might not receive it in plastic covering but I will not explain further. The picture below is a sample of the sticker sheet in plastic covering:

3) For your sticker flakes, it will no longer come in normal plastic or straight in the envelope. In fact, it will come in super-cute sticker flake zipper bags! Then, you can use them to store other stuff too. Take it as my treat!

Overall, for my SHOP updates, I am only able to do this because of your selfless support! I thank everybody who supported my shop to the bottom of my heart. Thank you, and look forward to my next blog!

From, Steffany, The Journaling Station.

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