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Mini Update and Info

Hi stationery lovers! Today, I bring you 2 new items, and a schedule to catch up on! First up; stationery!

Sumikko Gurashi Sticker Sheet Set:

Price: $10.00

Specialties: Consists of 3 sheets of stickers, has gold foils!

Constellations and Star Signs Sticker Sheet:

Price: $3.00

Specialties: Has gold foils, PVC special stickers! (and SUPERaesthetic :) )

Also, for the next week and the following, I hope you would excuse me if I don't present new stationery as I will be having my Termly Assessments! But, I should be able to present mini hauls for you, and pack orders. I will not be shipping but I will ship immediately once exams are over :)

I will not be updating on next Thursday and Friday, and the following Monday and Tuesday after next week, so just bear with me for 4 days, and I'm back to business mode. Thank you for your understanding and I hope you have a good day!



The Journaling Station

P.S. If you haven't please subscribe to my newsletter community and get all the lastest news in/out of stock, discount codes, and updates! Of course, it doesn't cost money, and you will get a nice lil' 20% discount code. See you there!

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