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In the mood for... WASHI TAPE!

Hi kawaii lovers! Today, I come back with some washi tapes! Below are the pictures of them:

It was soo satisfying doing swatches of them! Now, to reveal a secret: I have saved the last one in its packaging because I am going to give it to my cousin! It happens that my cousin loves stickers and washi tape like me, so below is the very pretty image of the washi tape's name:

I hope you have a good day! Today's discussion topic is about:

Your washi tape collection! Do you have a collection of washi tapes and/or stickers? Show us in the comment section below! Oh, and a reminder: The first person to type in the both of my new shop updates in the blog: New SHOP and LIFE updates's comment section will receive a discount code! Thank you and have a good day!



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