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First Day creating blogs - scared while excited

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Hi all! Aarrgh, this bloggings and creating the websites are all me... Well, I guess it's normal for everyone! I love to drink tea from Karel Capek and TWG while I do stuff, especially when I'm nervous. It's Sunday, and my schoolwork's not complete! Never mind, it's only a little bit more to do. After that, I'm uploading my first few products! I'm creating this website with the help of WIX and my mum, who's always supporting my back. I started getting interested in WIX because of their advertisments on YouTube (I guess that's the use of advertisements). My mum helps me as I have to have accounts for the payments stuff and since I'm not 13 yet (arrgh! Just 3 more years!), she has been the one accounting for all the payments. Really, these blogging stuff is getting all on me... Is this normal?

I'm really sorry I cannot upload photos as I don't have the ability (???) to do it. I only know how to upload photos for the shop stuff. And you're gonna go like What??!! while you're reading this...

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